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Experimental Videos

"Tambour" recordings can be found here - "Tambour"

In this video I am playing a Taylor 455 12 string using the edge of a cardboard box. The guitar is detuned a full step. The background is a Raagini processed through the "Bullhorn" effect in GarageBand. The Raagini track is available here.
The video was shot with an iPad Air using a Tascam iM2 stereo condenser microphone. I am using "2" PBL VL-1000 SOFTBOXES (80cm x 80cm) for lighting.
Am I being a "Nudist Buddhist"? 

Tabla-Black Eyed Peas-mash up-Sept. 30, 2011
One day my son was editing a video in iMovie with a Black Eyed Peas soundtrack. I started playing my tablas along with the track and thought that it was an interesting mash up of styles/genres. Here is the video I shot about a week later.

The slideshow was produced using iMovie '11. The photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot SD 1400 IS Digital Camera. I used the PS Express app on an iPad for editing and adding effects to the photos.  The audio track is from a CD that I recorded entitled "The Best of Mick Dennis-2007". A remastered version of this track is available here - "Pink Floyd" type excursion

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