Mick Dennis Guitarist

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Teaching Method

Mick has a Taylor 510 acoustic and a Fender Mexican Stratocaster electric that are available to use during your lesson.

Mick's Amp: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster and Pedalboard
Student Amp: Line 6 Flextone II and Pedals
Peavey KB-100 Keyboard/Bass Amp

My approach with a young beginning student is to use a method book like "Fast Track-Book 1". I feel that a method book helps to give some structure to the lessons. During the course of the lessons I give out supplemental sheets to further embellish the basic exercises/melodies presented in the book. Here are some examples:

Open Position Notes-Key Of C - download

Beginner Basic Chords - download

Ode to Joyful Rock-Chord Chart - download

Jingle Bells-Chord Chart_2 keys - download

Kid's Songs - download

Eency Weency 
Spider- download

Kid's Songs - download

Aura Lee-arpeggios-GuitarScript - download

Happy Birthday-5 Keys-lead sheet- download

I will also introduce chords at a graduated pace - going from simpler versions to more "standard" versions. As the student is progressing I will introduce playing the exercises from the book in various positions(using fretboard diagrams and tabs) and in different keys. Here are some exercises/songs from Book 1 played in higher positions:

Rockin' Sharps-5th pos. tab-Guitar Pro - download

Amazing Grace-5th Position_handwritten version - download

Amazing Grace-natural harmonics_Pages version - download

Amazing Grace-chord chart - download

Scarborough Fair-melody played octave higher - download

Boogie Blues-movable patterns - download

For a teen-age student I might tweak my approach somewhat because typically their hands are bigger and are able to execute movements on the fingerboard that would be difficult or nearly impossible for a younger student with smaller hands. As the student progresses, I would start to introduce some other topics such as:improvisation (using my Jam CD series) & playing Classic Rock songs from my  Acoustic and Electric Playlists depending on their inclination and instrument.

For an adult student I would use a much looser approach, realizing that most adults have very busy lives with a limited amount of time to spend with their instrument. So we might jump around to various topics and songs to keep things moving along and not allow anything to get too tedious.