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Teaching Method

Below are some examples of handouts that I would use for a beginner student.

Open Position Notes
Key Of C - download

Beginner Basic Chords - download

Ode to Joyful Rock-Chord Chart - download

Jingle Bells-Chord Chart_2 keys - download

Kid's Songs - download

Eency Weency 
Spider- download

Kid's Songs - download

Aura Lee-arpeggios 
GuitarScript - download

Happy Birthday-5 Keys
lead sheet - download

Rockin' Sharps-5th pos. tab
Guitar Pro - download

Scarborough Fair-melody played octave higher - download

Boogie Blues-movable patterns download

As the student progresses, I would start to introduce some other topics such as: improvisation using my Jam CD series, DrumJamTracks, learning jazz improvisation with Jam Tracks created with the iRealPro app and playing Classic Rock songs from my Easy Songs for Beginning StudentsAcoustic PlaylistElectric Playlist and Beatles Playlist.