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440 Tribute

Here are the recordings I did on the very last day of my teaching at the old Rainbow Music. At one point I was all finished with my teaching schedule and decided to pay tribute to Rainbow Music 440 West College Avenue, State College, PA. There was no one in the store but me. I put on a couple of feedback loops, turned my amp up as loud as I could and proceeded to "shred"! These are the "4" recordings I did that afternoon. You might hear some John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra influence on some of these cuts. I hope you enjoy this unleashing of pure guitar passion! Rock On!

"D" Pedal_1
Mick Dennis (440 Tribute)
"E" Pedal
Mick Dennis (440 Tribute)
"A" Pedal
Mick Dennis (440 Tribute)
"D" Pedal_2
Mick Dennis (440 Tribute)

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