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Em-Fmaj7 Jam Track with lead guitar - Apogee Duet

Posted by Mick Dennis on September 30, 2017 at 7:20 PM


Em-Fmaj7 Jam Track with lead guitar - Apogee Duet on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5VAmDHt__A

In this video, I am just jamming over the chord progression Em to Fmaj7. My basic approach is to start off with the notes from the Key of C (E phrygian) in the open position of the guitar and then gradually make my way up the fretboard through the various positions of the Key of C (E phrygian) about every 4 measures (||Em | Em | Fmaj7 | Fmaj7||). Later on in the jamming, I'm also using the Em pentatonic scale in various positions.

The equipment being used is: Gibson Les Paul Historic, Fulltone OCD (set for a clean boost into the compressor), ART Levelar-Tube Compressor, Custom Billm Modified Fender Blues Junior, D'Addario NYXL Nickel Wound Strings 09-42, Horizon right angle cable, Golden Gate pick.

The audio recording was done using a Shure SM-57 and Heil PR-40 microphones into an Apogee Duet into an iPad Air running GarageBand. I am using a pair of AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Young Guru Preset headphones for monitoring.

The backing track is the same recording setup; except I am using a Herco Flex 50 Nylon pick to play the rhythm part. The percussion track is the DrumJam app for iPad.

The video was shot with an iPhone 6s Plus with the FiLMiC Pro. Lighting is "2" Fancier Studio Fan 500A 3 LED Light Panels.

I used GarageBand to sync the video and audio together and to add some subtle audio processing.

Peace Out!~Mick

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