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Duo Recordings

Mick with Emily Dennis(vocals) - recorded March 16, 2014

The creative process: Emily and I were talking and rehearsing on FaceTime in preparation for some jazz duo videos that we wanted to record together. I had mentioned to her that I had been playing a version of "My Funny Valentine" on my Taylor 12 string. After hearing me play it, she decided that it was a good key for her to sing. When I got off FaceTime I immediately pulled out my iPad and Tascam iM2 stereo mic and recorded a scratch track. I then sent an email so that she could hear it to see if she liked my arrangement. Several hours later she sent back the recording that you are hearing. Emily recorded her vocals on a MacBook Pro with an Apogee Mic in GarageBand with some reverb added. I think it's important to keep in mind that there is no click track. I've added some basic mastering in Logic Pro. Enjoy!

Please go to Mick's Chord Charts to get a chord chart for this recording.

Note: the 12 string guitar part is played with a capo on the 1st fret.

My Funny Valentine-Logic edit
Emily and Mick Dennis
Mick with Mandi Tucker(vocals) - recorded, mixed and mastered by Marc Frigo 
at Frigo Recording Studio on Oct. 23, 2011
What Livin's For
Mandi Tucker w/Mick (My Demo)