Mick Dennis Guitarist

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Where do you give your lessons?

I teach lessons in State College, Pa. Click on the link to see a Google map.

How much do the lessons cost?

Here are my current lesson fees.

Are the lessons every week?

You can can schedule your lessons weekly, bi-weekly or at your own convenience using my Google calendar.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes! I have had students of all ages and skill levels.

Do you teach the ukulele?

I picked up the ukulele in the Fall of 2016. You can find a playlist of some of the songs that I teach on the ukulele here.

Do you teach young children?

Yes! I have given guitar and ukulele lessons to students as young as 4 years old. I have a lower lesson fee for children 10 years old or younger!

What styles do you teach?

My frequent joking response is, “I teach everything from Sabbath to Sinatra!”

Where did you go to school?

I attended Penn State University for about 4 years. Most of my “guitar schooling” has been through self-study and playing numerous gigs.

How many lessons will it take to learn to play the guitar?

The guitar is easy to learn but difficult to master!