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Method Book - "Guitar Visualizations"

Guitar Visualizations is my "Play Book" for learning basic music theory applied to the guitar fingerboard.

~It is presented almost entirely in diagram form to stimulate the student to view the fretboard from a variety of angles and approaches.

~This would be an excellent resource book for a guitar teacher since you could use the diagrams as jump off points for both theoretical and technical studies.

~The open format of the "Play Book" leaves only one's imagination to fill in the spaces(or not).

~~~~Guitar Visualizations-2018 Edition-Christmas 2018 Special Offer~~~~

Please Note: offer ends midnight on Dec. 31, 2018

Guitar Visualizations 2018 Edition - $7.95  $4.95
~an updated version with added graphics, mind-bending Futuracha fonts for the cover and chapter titles and stimulating and colorful Supplemental Pages

Sample Pages

Supplemental Pages